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The Family Lifeguard Plan: Estate Planning Simplified

Your Family Lifeguard is a comprehensive estate planning service designed to meet the needs of the average Texas family. With our help, your family will have:

  • guardianship papers to ensure your children are cared for
  • wills and other papers necessary to administer your estate
  • medical directives to communicate how you should be cared for
  • instructions for others to create a ceremony to remember you

The Family Lifeguard Plan comes in a beautifully organized package with all types of other information that will make day-to-day life less stressful.

We designed the Family Lifeguard process to be as efficient as possible. With a small investment of time and money, we will work together to make sure your family has the best protection for life's difficult situations. Find some peace of mind by marking this important task off your "to do" list. Get started on your Family Lifeguard Plan now!

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