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How It Works: The Right Plan For You

The Family Lifeguard Plan begins with the completion of a pretty detailed set of questions. You can answer the questions on-line or in person in our office. While the questions can be a little intimidating, they are just a place to start. If you are not sure of an answer or feel uncomfortable giving out information outside of the office setting, just leave the question blank.

Once we have the basic information, we draft a Family Lifeguard Plan to meet your circumstances. To get it completely right we may need to follow up with you. We try to do this in the most convenient way possible, often over the phone or by email.

When we have the right plan for you, we will prepare the documents and arrange for a convenient signing. Our offices are located in Waco on Bosque Boulevard, between Highway 6 and Valley Mills, but we can arrange for a signing anywhere in the Central Texas area, including your own home. If you wish, we can do the signing at night or on weekends.

We have done everything possible to fit your Family Lifeguard into your busy schedule. It's time to dive in! Call us at 254.826.6526 or click below to get started.

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