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Frequently Asked Questions

I often hear that it would be better for my family if my estate avoided probate. Why not go that route rather than a will?
Probate in Texas is actually an efficient and low-cost process. Most of the horror stories you hear are from other states with different laws. In the vast majority of cases, a Texas estate will be more quickly and cheaply administered in probate as opposed to outside it. If you want to talk more about your options, please feel free to call us.

Why are your fees so much lower than other lawyers?
I know all about large fees-I charged them for twenty-five years. This practice, however, recognizes the economy of doing many transactions that are pretty similar. We are very efficient and automated, which allows us to be much less expensive. On occasion, however, we run into an estate planning situation different enough that our usual package will not be the right fit. If that happens, we will talk you through your options.

If I don't have a will won't my family inherit everything anyway?
Probably so. But you might be surprised at the way your assets are distributed. The process of estate administration without a will is much more burdensome on your family. Usually the only thing your family wants is to carry out your wishes. Without a will, "your wishes" can be impossible to determine.

Why do I need anything besides a will?
An estate plan is much more than instructions about your property. With a well thought-out plan you can make sure medical and child care issues do not cause unnecessary unrest for your family. By clearly stating your wishes on a variety of issues, you will be remembered for your foresight.

Can't I just use a form off the internet?
You can. You can also build a house from blueprints found on the internet - if you are a good enough carpenter. Seriously, there are issues we have been trained to spot that you will likely miss. Besides the legal training question, taking the time to walk through the slightly more formal procedure will make sure you think through the things important to you and your family.

How long will it take?
If you have no pressing concerns and provide us with most of the information we need on the initial form submission we will usually finish the process in a week to ten days. We can work much faster, if need be. If you have an emergency, by all means call us at anytime: 254.826.6526.

How Do I Get To Your Office?
It is easy. Follow this map.

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Do you handle other matters?
We would be happy to address your other concerns. Just call us at 254.826.6526 or email us at Of course, initial consultations are always free.

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